Take time to read the rules. Breaking the rules can result in removal from AMOTH and lead to legal actions. Message admin if you have any questions. Thanks!

  1. No mention of money. We do not sell things on AMOTH.
  2. No live animals can be given away on AMOTH, including temporary rehoming or “sitting” an animal. It poses liability problems and can cause hurt feelings.
  3. No rudeness toward each other or admin. Written word can be taken incorrectly very easily. Try to not take offense quickly, if you see a problem tag an admin.
  4. No selling items you receive from AMOTH. It will result in immediate removal from AMOTH and legal charges.
  5. You are only allowed to be in one free group.
  6. INO (in need of) list is available for everyone for listable items. Items will be given out in the order they are listed. Some items are donated regularly and the list moves quicker, other items can take time to be donated. You must pick up INO from the unit yourself with in three “open” days. If picking up INO from the same city, it must be in a reasonable time. Failure to pick up an INO item will result in removal from the list. If removed you will be unable to be readded.
  7. Admin tags must be allowed 12 hours for the person to respond to an item. Admin know special needs and situations of members and can help find items. If you have a question, message an admin.
  8. Each storage unit is ran a little differently, and the rules there must be followed. If you have a problem with a rule or someone running the unit, please message an admin.
  9. Auction items are posted occasionally. They are used to fund the unit and pay for transport. They are the only time money is to be mentioned. Please do not bid on an item if you don’t plan to pay for it if you win the item. Items can be paid for via Paypal to clltanner@msn.com or money mailed to Jim Tanner as books have to be kept for the NPO license. Items will be sent after money is received.
  10. No post jumping. If you need an item, make your own post. Do not comment when an item is claimed. “I was too late” and other such comments make hurt feelings. There are no lines on items, they will go to the first person to claim them.
  11. No blocking admin. We are here to help you, if you block us we cannot help and tag properly. Blocking an admin will result in removal from AMOTH.
  12. Only ask for your immediate family and only in current sizes. You can ask for the next size up as the current size is being outgrown. Extra family members living with you need to request to join and ask for their own items. If you feel you have an exception, message admin.
  13. Pregnant moms can ask for gender neutral clothing in newborn or 0-3 until they know the gender. Then items can be requested in that gender. You can ask for bigger sizes as the current size is being outgrown. The INO list for large baby items can be used the last trimester of pregnancy. We cannot guarantee the items will be available.
  14. This is a family page, please keep posts considerate in content and language. Posts can be removed with no notice for foul language or inappropriate content.
  15. Anything said to an admin is confidential, although some situations require admin to talk to each other. We, as admin, do not talk about members to other members.
  16. We are a family in AMOTH and want to rejoice and cry with you. Posts about births, happy moments, death, and sad moments are permitted and welcome. If you don’t like them, just scroll past them.
  17. “Please” and “thank you” should be seen in every post, please mind your manners and ask for items nicely.
  18. A medical pantry is available for medical needs such as crutches and wheelchairs, but may include other items. These items are on loan from AMOTH only. They must be returned when no longer in use so they remain available for those who need them.
  19. The baby pantry is also available to those who need it. You may ask for formula, diapers, wipes, baby food, etc needed for babies. They are sent out if available but only meant to last a few days such as a handful of diapers or a can of formula. This is for emergency situations and not to be used on a regular basis. If donating baby items, they need to be sent to the baby pantry in either Rexburg or Pocatello.
  20. The food pantry has non perishable food available to those in need. A food box contains whatever is available and is only meant to last a couple days. It is also not meant to be used on a regular basis. Nonperishable food can be donated to Rexburg or Pocatello pantries. Please label the bag “pantry” and send to one of those two cities.
  21. If you have a problem or question, always feel free to message admin.