Welcome to A Matter of the Heart!

We are more than just a Facebook group. ¬†AMOTH is a legitimate Non-Profit Organization! As such we’ve got a little more to account for and more rules than the average Facebook group, but we’re a wonderful place to be!!! We’re so happy to have you, welcome to the family!

“This is a group made to exercise the heart literally, it isn’t for items to be sold, only to be given to people in need. INO items given are asked to be returned, so the next person can use it when you are done. No need to be rude to anyone, treat others as you want to be treated. Some people are going to use others, its a fact of life, just think of it as their problem. Please dont take free “needed” items, and sell them, it will only create bad feelings and will result in loss of membership. We all could use some soul building, heart exercise to better ourselves, lets help our neighbors at the same time!”

–Cheryl L. Tanner founder and “Mom” of our family

Join our Facebook group here ->  https://www.facebook.com/groups/412805912107609/